Get Interactive

Fun, Games & Superhero Certification!

Superhero Superfest will be packed with lots of interactive fun for all ages.  All event attendees are invited to participate in “Superhero Challenges” and other activities, most of which are at no additional charge.

Complete select tasks to earn your Superhero Superfest Cape and become “Superhero Superfest Certified.” You’ll get sworn-in during our Superhero Certification Ceremony and receive your official Superhero Certificate of Authenticity!

Nerf Turf

All Superhero Candidates will participate in The Nerf Turf Challenge. We provide the equipment and targets. You provide your Superhero skills! Your mission is to hone your powers to hit the target! All ages welcome.

The Harry Potter

Let the sorting hat put you in a house of Hogwarts & play trivia and interactive Quidditch games with all the houses for prizes, and to show your mastery of witchcraft & wizardry!


Come dressed as your favorite fantasy, superhero, or sci-fi character to reach one of the Superhero Challenges to get “Superhero Superfest Certified.” We’ll have Cosplay Contests throughout the day for all ages with fantastic prizes!

Prop Making & Cosplay Workshops

Learn the process of creating cosplay and lifelike props from your favorite comic, sci-fi and fantasy books and movies!


Become an honorary Padawan in’s very own Jedi Academy! Learn the ways of the Force, essential Lightsaber skills and choose your path: The Dark Side or the Light!


It’s a race to save humanity! Dawning a Superhero Cape, your next challenge will include saving an infant (Don’t worry, It’s just a doll) from danger, scooping her up, and running her back to safety. Fun for the whole family!

High Speed
RC Chase

Visit RC2U Portable Racing at Superhero Superfest and take part in an exciting remote control high speed chase. Wannabe

Got skills?  Join the team from throughout the day for interactive workshops that will help you hone your craft as a super fan!

Game Zone Mobile
Gaming Truck

Gamers unite and play a wide variety of video games at the Game Zone Mobile Gaming Truck.

#FraudZombies Photo Op

Check out the #FraudZombies photo op floor ! #FraudZombies steal $80 billion out of the pockets of Americans every year. Educate yourself at: